Purely Senior

With much excitement I would like to announce to the world the launching of my new line of Amanda Mae Photography: Purely Senior.

So much time, blood sweat and tears {ok, maybe not blood, but definitely some fire danger as some other photogs can stand witness! :p} have poured into this launch and I am very excited!!

In today’s digital age so very much has changed and the industry has stayed the same.  As the advent of digital has allowed access to so much more printing abilities I am excited to offer you an affordable senior portrait experience!   This is a complete revamp to everything I have ever offered in my senior sessions; for one low price of $199 you receive an amazing session and next day delivery of a website with printing rights!  Now you can print your own pictures at whichever lab you choose at your convenience!  I,  of course, have some amazing labs I would love to recommend if you are stumped.  The ability to print your own pictures allows me to keep my prices lower and do what I love more, photograph!

This also allows you to spend money you might have spent on expensive professional prints on fun things like metal mounted prints, fancy canvases and my newsest line: the Memory Box.   The memory box is a new line of ‘unbound albums’ that allow you to continue to add to your albums throughout your life.  Your story is not over, why should your album be?  I am very excited to be receiving my first studio sample very soon which will have a blog post all to it’s own!  Without any further ado- please check out my new website and new line!!!


If you are ready to book, please contact me!!! Spaces for 2014 seniors are booking right now!!!!!!

run often, smile more! 🙂



Nichu’s Birthday Bash






I had the excellent opportunity to photograph an amazing birthday bash to celebrate Nichu’s first year!  She is blessed to be surrounded not only by a loving big sister but also a close knit community!!  We took a few moments before the party to get a few shots of the her as well as the family, the girls just loved to be outside despite the dreary and cold weather- they were such troopers!  I had such a great time celebrating with you guys, it was so much fun to capture the vibrancy and life of the party!  Hope to work with you all soon! 🙂 blogpost Page 1 blogpost Page 3blogpost Page 4 blogpost Page 2

blogpost Page 5

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Everybody has a story.  Call me a hippy, a dreamer, idealist or whatever, it’s true.  The difference is I don’t want to capture part of your story; I want to capture all of it.

So many photographers love love, but I love people.  I don’t just want clients; I want to build lasting relationships.  I want to capture true laughs, sneaky smiles and comfortable hugs.  Whenever our friendship starts, whether it is senior portraits, maternity portraits, engagement or a wedding, I want it to be the beginning of a beautiful and full narrative together!

Life is full of ups and downs, ins and outs, hurts and joys.  The best part is looking back on the hard parts and seeing your triumphs, remembering the tears and feeling the joy- all over again.

The focus of my business is on you.  Capturing these special moments as they fly by so that you can hold onto them just a little bit longer, take pride in your accomplishments, share the smiles more often and most importantly pass them on to loved ones.

I strive to photograph you just as you are, no gimmicks, no magic, just you.

Pure Photography, Purely You. 

Why? Because you are beautiful and perfect.

Life is tricky.  It furnishes wonderful memories but along with it brings imperfections and hardships.  Together, all of these things shape you into the beautiful and wonderful person that is cherished beyond imagination.

Having repeat clients is any small business owners dream but I long to not have just repeat clients but to build a foundation of friendship, to develop a story and to capture life to it’s fullest.

Are you ready to start capturing your story?  I can’t wait to meet you!