Scott and Elana July 28, 2012





So as I relaunched my website and blog in November I lost all of my old posts.  I was going to try to salvage them but figured back blogging some key events might be easier.  Not sure which decisions was more simple but here we are nearing the end of the ‘off season’ and I have yet to update both my blog and my taxes from 2012 😉 🙂

On a warm July day of 2012 I was honored to photograph a friend from high school’s wedding.  It was uncanny how much we had in common though she was pursuing the teaching path that I had left for photography.  It made me feel great knowing that there were other ESL teachers out in the world who were reaching the kids that I had such a deep passion for.  Since getting married Elana and her husband Scott have relocated to the great state of Texas for several months only to later move back north to Minnesota!  I hope they are staying warm in this cold, cold winter!


Wedding: First Presbyterian, Ypsilanti
Reception: Stone Bridge Golf Course


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