hungry, hungry herbivore….

Not sure how many of you watch Dinosaur Train, but since I am a work at home mom of a two year old, dinosaur train is an important part of our daily repertoire.

Lalo has been a hungry, hungry… Hmm well omnivore (look up the video for hungry, hungry herbivore! I promise you will not be disappointed!) and after feeding him a healthy breakfast of an apple, a toasted PB&J, a glass of milk and some of mommas scrambled eggs with cheese; he informed me he was still hungry. Attempting to avoid the wasted food of a two year old who *thinks* he is still hungry only to find out that while the food is being prepared, that he is fact no longer hungry and instead would like to play, I encouraged him to go play.

While cleaning up our breakfast plates I hear the ominous ‘uh-oh momma’ from the other room and find this in my pantry….


Well played son, well played. Next time momma will listen when you say you are hungry… And at least our family room got a good Thursday morning vacuuming…..


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