hungry, hungry herbivore….

Not sure how many of you watch Dinosaur Train, but since I am a work at home mom of a two year old, dinosaur train is an important part of our daily repertoire.

Lalo has been a hungry, hungry… Hmm well omnivore (look up the video for hungry, hungry herbivore! I promise you will not be disappointed!) and after feeding him a healthy breakfast of an apple, a toasted PB&J, a glass of milk and some of mommas scrambled eggs with cheese; he informed me he was still hungry. Attempting to avoid the wasted food of a two year old who *thinks* he is still hungry only to find out that while the food is being prepared, that he is fact no longer hungry and instead would like to play, I encouraged him to go play.

While cleaning up our breakfast plates I hear the ominous ‘uh-oh momma’ from the other room and find this in my pantry….


Well played son, well played. Next time momma will listen when you say you are hungry… And at least our family room got a good Thursday morning vacuuming…..


Saline Bridal Show!

So a few weeks ago I was lucky to be the featured photographer of the Saline Bridal Show that was held at the beautiful Stone Arch Arts and Events.  Many local vendors were featured such as Maureen’s Designs (my favorite florist!),  the new Tuxedo Rental shop,  Stella and Dot and even the new Bridal shop!  I unfortunately forgot my camera (doh!!) but managed to snap some photos of my booth quickly!


We had a pretty stellar turn out as the weather was mild and many people walked by our awesome location to stop in and chat!  Many vendors gave away some pretty sweet door prizes and one of mine was a free engagement session which was awarded to an awesome bride-to-be named Becky!

                                                                                              photo-6        photo-7

I had hoped to post about our show sooner but the ugly norovirus reared it’s head in our home and took over in full force right after the show. 😦  I am finally catching up on some of my much needed tasks and this was one of them!

So a big shout out to all who stopped by, said hi and took a peak at our new 2013 line!  I had some new sample albums as well as my new branded post cards!  I hope to hear from some of you lovely ladies pronto!

Remember, think local, support local, shop local!  Thanks!  🙂

Some days are slippy

Some days are sloppy.
Some days you can’t stand the sight of a puppy.
Some days are better than others…


Just a quote from [in my opinion] the great band ever.  I’ve been having a few of ‘those days’.  The days where you want to just crawl back in bed, pull the covers over your head and not even start over but just sit there in the quiet and wait it out.  But, to quote the  [word’s all time best] band again:

What you don’t have you don’t need it now
What you don’t know you can feel it somehow
What you don’t have you don’t need it now
You don’t need it now, you don’t need it now
Beautiful day, don’t let it get away.

Not to be all hippie fantastical on you but we cannot enjoy the simple things in life without enduring the hard, the mundane, the painful.  Life does sometime suck, so suck it up, put your big girl (or boy!) panties on and keep trucking.

[Note: this is a pep talk for me as much as it is for any of you reading!]

I have found that when things seem blah and tough it’s easiest just to take a deep breath and put your nose to the grind stone.

And with that I will leave you with this awesome video that has been circulating facebook, so go, find your space jam! 


Combating Hibernation

Something I really struggle with is balance.  I make a lot of lists and then feel pressured to accomplish everything on the list. Right. Now.

Another thing I struggle with is being so overwhelmed by my list I decide to procrastinate on everything and clean, read or just be lazy.  (Winter, thank you very much for adding to my desire to hibernate in a cozy blanket and accomplish nothing!)


How do you find balance?  Obviously, at some point you have to decide to put on your big girl pants and get the job done.

Personally, I find that lists helpful.  Katelyn James was featured on Justin and Mary Marantz’s blog about making useful lists (not the overwhelming kind).  She highlighted to actually write things down and to check them off.  As a Type-A personality I get a certain high from checking things off my list; if you are keeping track of your tasks on a computer or smart phone I would recommend you try a good ol’ pen and paper method.  Bonus! Use a nice big fat marker to draw a line through accomplished tasks. 🙂


Another method Katelyn talked about at the P31 Conference was to make a ‘Big List’.  I have recently begun this practice and it really does help me from getting so overwhelmed and just taking a nap instead.  You write out separate lists of what needs to be accomplished.  Make a list of daily things, weekly tasks and maybe monthly goals.  As you accomplish tasks you can cross them off and see your progress.  This has really worked well for me.  Something else I am trying to put into practice that Katelyn talked about is accomplishing the less desirable tasks first 😉 but baby steps!


So as you begin to embrace the second week of January, have you already fallen behind on some of your goals?

Shake it off.

I think as Americans especially we put a lot of emphasis on ‘New Year: New You’ but I have really felt convicted lately that it isn’t a new year ‘thing’ instead a journey of constant reflection and changes.

Start with baby steps, make a plan, make a list and do something.

Even if it is only one thing.

Remember to take breaks.   Give yourself the standard of grace.  (Thank you Emily Ley!)


Happy New Year!  Now go kick some butt!