pay it forward.

A new year is nearly upon us and after writing a post about how grateful I am for 2012’s blessings I figured it would be appropriate to offer a give away to kick off the new year.

So. details.  It is a portrait session give away, must be used anytime before April 30, 2013 in the Ann Arbor area.

This giveaway is designed to be a blessing to someone so please submit a short letter or paragraph on my contact page with why you believe this family or person would best be blessed by this offer.  Please make sure to include *your* contact information so that I can contact you if they win.  I will have a panel of three people to help me decide who will win the session.

The family/person does not have to be in financial need necessarily or even in great distress, maybe they have blessed you in the past year and you would like to return the favor in 2013.

All entries due January 5 by midnight and we will announce the winner January 11!  Please contact me with any questions!!!

AMP_1273-2   AMP_1320-2


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